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1/8 Beef Reservation

1/8 Beef Reservation

Are you looking for a smaller amount of grass-fed beef to fill your freezer? Then our eighth of beef option (approximately 65 pounds) is perfect for you. Pre-order healthy, nutritious grass-finished beef and reserve yours today. Your beef eighth includes:

  • 19 lbs of ground beef
  • 14 lbs of ribeye, sirloin, porterhouse, and cube steaks
  • 11 pounds of chuck, arm, sirloin, and rump roasts
  • 4 lbs of short ribs
  • 5 lbs of soup bones
  • 1 lb of stew meat

If you would like to get special cuts made, please contact us and we will send you a cut sheet so you can order what you want.

Place your pre-order and we'll reach out once your order is ready. Learn more about our current bulk beef availability & timing.

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